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A tale of Two Gorillas #10393 Published

HoP Gorilla and Jani Gorilla were best friends. They were the legends of a space station. Sadly, an evil chef wanted to murder them, for simply collecting taxes. The Chef trapped HoP Gorilla inside a fridge, ready to cook him, but Jani Gorilla saved him swiftly from the prison known as the fridge. Instead of using violence, they used their wits to bring the chef to Justice, and alerted the detective. The detective took the man in custody, only to release him after. Meanwhile, a friendly security officer greeted the gorillas, but immediatly got mugged by a mech riding douche bag. The gorillas protected the officer, making friends with him. A RED ALERT: A blob was on the ship. The Gorillas were ready to take on it but.. sadly.. The Jani Gorilla got killed by the pet carp the HoS had in his office. The Station got took over by the blob. Tragic. The End.

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