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How to terrorism for dummies. #10390 Published

So you wanna be a terrorist? So we need a bomb or hostages, killing people with guns or knives isn't gonna send a good message. It'll just make you look like an asshole or maniac, taking hostages gives you leverage and bombs give leverage aswell because people actually have to have patience or someone will get hurt. A good example is a bomb which can be made using a fuel tank, two remote signallers, and a igniter. if you mix the igniter and the remote signaller then attach it to a fuel tank then you have a remote bomb which could do heavy damage. If you wanna take an hostage we use SSCS meaning STUN SHOVE CUFF SHOVE in whicch you stun someone twice then cuff them and stun them while cuffing them. Hostages are good as leverage, noone wants to run in blindly and beat a terrorist's ass if they have civilians which they can just execute because letting these civilians die would cause media and civil unroar you have leverage. There is so much much more... And congrats... you are an official terroris

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