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How to Handle Murder. #10389 Published

So you've just killed someone which is Great! You should be proud for standing up for yourself and removing your oppositions ability to live and continue their family generation. Grab something to eat or drink like a cup of hot coco or a burger if you feel patriotic. Think about the flavors of the edible item you've consumed as the embers of their life slowly fades away. You should probally read a book, hell maybe even this book right now. Anyway you should probally dispose of the body, A dumpster is a good place to hide it if you're hiding the body from rookies. A good place to hide a body on a space station is in the black void of space. Another good trick would be to dismember the body by removing limbs and moving them to trashcans, remember to use cleaning supplies if you do this because you don't wanna make an large mess.

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