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How To Instigate. #10388 Published

There are many ways to gaslight a group of people into fighting and today, I will talk about the many ways. GROUPS - 1, There are many ways to turn two or more groups of people against eachother such as assistants or security or Nanotrasen Loyalists and Syndicate Guerrillas. The trick to turning groups against eachother is to disguise yourself as an member and proceed to insult an member of the opposite group using insults such as throwing a lit cigar or smoke at them or throwing pie or sticky foods. To instigate complete combat which will usually work will require two or more people, with two or more people the group will think that they are all attacking causing mob mentality. TWO - 2, If there are two people arguing the best thing to do to instigate is giving the person an form or weapon. The best time to toss an weapon to the person is if the person has recently been insulted or shoved which will most likely cause them to vent their agitation and most likely add ventilation to the other persons skull

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