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Guidebook to RnD #10387 Published

A Guide to Research and Development

Micro Manipulator




Tracking Beacon


High-Capacity Cell

Super Power Cell

Mass Spectrometer



Advanced Hard Disk Drive

Super Hard Disk Drive

Advanced Mass-Spectrometer

Cluster Hard Disk Drive

Advanced Release Grenade

Welding Shield Eyes

This should get you to the point where you can make an RPED, Pico Manipulators, and Super Matter Bins

Afterwards, deconstruct these:

Power Turbine Board

Teleporter Boards (Low and High)

Portachem Board

Durand Weapons & Targeting Module

This should put you pretty close to Rank 5 in everything. When mining comes in, make the Computer circuitboard that requires metal, a piercing syringe, uranium, and diamond.

Moderation Station

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