Moth Waifu #10100 Published

I want nothing more in this life than to cuddle up with a cute moth waifu. I don’t care who they are but as long as theyr’e female, and a moth, and have a nice fluffy ass, then I’m good. I want to take her out to dinner, I want her to look suggestively at me, and I want to eat, laugh, and have a good time. I want to then take her home and watch a movie together. We get closer and closer before finally our mouths lock in a passionate kiss. My hand finds itself naturally placed upon her fuzzy breast, at which point I give a gentle squeeze, causing the most adorable squeak to escape her lips. Still locked in the dancing of tongues, I begin to move my hand lower, caressing all of her prefect mothly curves. Finally I reach my destination and I slip my hand down her tight, slutty pants. I gently prod my finger against her warm moth hole before gently penetrating with, at first one; then two digits.This causes her to break away from our empassioned kiss and moan the most sensual moan. A sound that no mere human female could ever hope to recreate. She breaks away from our kiss and begins to unbutton my pants, before ripping them down with the power of a thousand horny suns. She exposes my rock hard cock, before pushing me onto my back, spreading my legs and guiding the entire length of my meat wand into her mouth using her long, gorgeous tongue. I feel pleaseure like none ever felt before. She begins to piston up and take, taking the entire length of my member down into her throat, fluttering her wings every time she hits the hilt. I can’t take it, the more she sucks the closer I get to my breaking point. Finally after one final, deep motion she plunges my cock all the way down her throat and I burst, I spurt hot ejaculate directly into her moth tummy. She releases my shaft as I sit there still in awe at her raw talent. Before I know it she’s out of her top, out of her pants and she’s straddling me, my still semi-hard cock inches away from her dripping moth pussy. Plump, firm B-cup breasts jiggling oh so slightly with her every subtle movement. She grabs my dick slowly begins to sink herself down onto it. I moan in a combination of overstimulated pain and pleasure. She begins to bounce up and down on ya boys’ D, both of us gasping and moaning in ecstasy as once more I approach climax; only this time I’m not the only one. One last bounce is enough to finish me off as I explode deep inside her moth womb, while at the same time she shrieks in pleasure, collapsing onto me, shuddering. Her warm fur comforting me as she recovers from her orgasm. After a few more moments of cuddling she lifts herself off my now properly flaccid dong, allowing my semen to drip slowly from her cunt. She isn’t done with me yet, as before I know it she’s bent over the edge of the couch, spreading her adorable little ass cheeks for me to take in the view. Only now can I appreciate how perfect her body is, perfectly proportioned ass and tits, not to big yet not too small; not too masculine yet not overtly feminine. Hips capable of supporting the birth of many strong children, yet not so massive as to draw the eye away from her other delicious features. Truly the moth female is the perfect female specimine, one that no other race could ever hope to compare. I am broken from my admiration to her feet playing with my johnson. It only takes a couple of strokes to make me hard again, and this time I have a target in mind. I push her legs apart, and as she’s still bent over the couch, I give the slutty moth her first anal experience. She screams in confusion as she feels the full length of my shaft plunge deep into her asshole.I thrust in and out, each piston resulting in a moan deeper and more sensual than the last. When I feel my breaking point draw near, I pull out of her now thoroughly used ass and plunge deep into her cunt, and the mere act of penetration is enough to send me over the edge once more. I dump another hot load into her tight moth womb, her pregnancy is almost ensured. But I’m not done there, I pull out, still rock hard, grab her by the waist and turn her around, and lay her over the couch on her wings, with her head leaning back. She looks at me confused, probably wondering what I could possibly do from this position. Before she could protest I slam my cock deep into her whorish mouth, placing my hand upon her throat so I can feel my cock penetrate deep into her esophagus. I throat fuck her to the point where I start to see the conciousness fade from her cute little eyes. The sight of which causes me to nut instantly, and for the second time tonight I drive my cock all the way down her throat and unleash a hot load down her throat, directly into her cute fuzzy moth tummy. I pull out to leave her gasping, gagging, and coughing. A few more spurts land on her face, blending in almost perfectly with her snow white fur.

We spend the rest of the night cuddling in front of the television. Ocassionally breaking for a quick blowjob or digital penetration.

“I love you anon.” She says, nuzzling up to me.

GOD I wish moth girls were real.

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