Science: Xenobiology #10090 Published

Rerouted from Fulpstation(hrngh)

The basics of Xenobiology.
Now many think xenobiology from the outside is just as simple as asking for the “Purple regen extract plaese”
And now mot of the time you don’t get it because one, nobody does xenobio. And two, its not that easy.

So I will be giving you the basics of xenobiology, and go through 3 main things, Getting Started, Organization, and Important Facts. Getting Started will mostly be preparing your work environment for whichever way you plan on taking care of your slimes, in the most efficient way possible. Organization will be the most effective way to orientate your slimes in your pens, so that it keeps speed efficiency and the keen ability of being able to be looked at without having an aneurysm from looking at the fucking ball net at Walmart™. And important facts, which I will tell you to make sure that you know as much things to keep you, your slimes, and everyone begging you for shit happy.

Getting Started
Now, getting situated, once you get used to it, will be the easiest part of your job. First of all, I would get the wrench by the large pen, the testing chamber by the BZ injector, which will come into play later. I then will move the slime grinder as best inbetween your terminals as possible, and then do the same with the nearest freezer besides the grinder, as inbetween as you can make it, so you and your friends dont have to close out of the terminal to do everything. I then will move all the slimes into their own pens closest to the terminals as per preference, as to keep movement to a minimum. Feed them each two monkeys, and wait. Eat a nice warm Donk Ponket™. And when they split, move them each into one pen per species, and then whittle them down by scanning them to see which has the highest mutation chance, and keeping two with the highest, and putting the rest into the freezing room which is for killing slimes before grinding them. And now that you’ve split them all, thats when you can move on to the next area.

To keep your slimes from being a dog pile of mismatched monkey doodoo and gelatin. The most effective way is to keep the pen population down to at least two. And either put the extras into the freezer or into the test chamber. I filling the test chamber with BZ to sedate the slimes, and keep them all in neat piles, as per their species, and take out as needed for crossbreeding, or harvesting.

Important Facts
As to keep this as short as possible as due to the circumstances of a revolution taking place outside. I will keep this brief.

Feeding 10 grey extracts to an ADULT grey slime will turn it into a reproductive grey extract, which when fed 3 monkey cubes will spit out a random amount of extracts up to 5. This applies to all slime species.
If you need healing, making a stabilized purple extract, which is feeding 10 blue extracts to a purple slime, will provide constant regen, of which these effects stack. If you need healing faster, then injecting a purple slime extract with blood, more if you inject more blood, will provide regenerative jelly, which can be provided to medbay in syringe form for their one time thanks and probably nothing more, or kept in your bio bag for easy self or other healing.
Slimes are douchebags, if you keep one outside of its pen for too long it will most commonly decide to eat you. But if well fed, you can, if being attacked, pull a few slimes out, and tell them to “Slimes attack ‘exact name’” and they, being douchebags, will either do jack shit, or will actually try to save your life. Another thing, if you want to crossbreed easily, you can make railing in a square, keep the slimes in that square, and then proceed to feed them in there, and feed monkeys too, since neither can leave the railing.
Well. The shuttle is here! Viva! And have a good slime ranching experience!

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