The Bartender, Volume five #10078 Published

The Bartender, Volume 5

The Beverage Paladin

At times you will find a patron being made uncomfortable from someone else’s presence. Unfortunately, they may not feel strong enough or comfortable to take action and stop what is happening. In these situations you will need to find the strength to stand up for the distressed customer; it could be telling someone to stop hitting on them, or extreme to the point of needing to bring out your shotgun.

The Passive Cupid

If you’re lucky, you will have your bar chosen as the location of a date. When this happens, make sure to follow the strong moral code of bartenders. Do not help get one of the couple drunk on purpose, be respectful and keep your distance when they are being intimate - being respectful towards their boundaries could make or break their night.

The Broken Glass Heart

Unfortunately, at times you will have customers that are near inconsolable due to issues that had happened to them. Whether they were stood up or walked out on, they will still be at your counter feeling their pain. In this situation, your role as a bartender will overlap with that of a counsellor. Try your hardest to be able to console them without affirming any of their negative beliefs about themselves or others. In the most extreme situation where a break-up happens in the bar, things may turn physical. It is your duty not as a bartender, but as a person to intervene and stop this harm from taking place.

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