Book: A day in the life of Leo Z Part Deus #10072 Published

Shocked that he snorted cocaine and fucked a changelingcultwizard, Leo Z started to dry heave at the horrific monster in front of him. "What's the matter, Leo? Couldn't get Ei Nath of me?" the debacle of God said. Leo's blood boiled. He clenches his teeth in PURE RAGE. He was so mad, the ground started to shake. His skin started to grow Shrek green. His hair turned from black to blonde. His WRISTWATCH BROKE.

"Perhaps you should had calculated that I am a decendent of Shrek, Goku, and Sailor Moon." Scoffed Leo as his muscular dick flopped out of his trousers like a live eel. The creature looked scared as he cocks back his hips and splurted a stream of jizzcum. The monster ejected into the skies like motherfucking Team Rocket.

Leo Z was pissed.
He decided to go into work that afternoon. He sees the HoP. "Yo, give me all access."

"No." the HoP flatly stated.

You just don't tell Leo no. Angry, Leo puts his hands on his hips and gives the HoP fourty wang slaps. "YOU DO WHAT LEO TELLS YOU TO." he roared.
The HoP lost several teeth and decided to give him all access. Leo Z proceeded to the Captain's room and give him 2 hail mary's and a wet willy, if you know what I mean.

And that is how Leo Z saved Christmas. The end.

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