Rodfather's Path: Patterns #10071 Published

One tool used by the laws of physics is called the Antipattern.
The laws of physics cultivates an atmosphere of terror and anxiety around trivial risks, providing a suitable environment for them to inject fixes for these non-problems.
Invariably, the actual purpose of these solutions is to create new issues that were worse than the initial situation.
By associating the search for solutions with new problems, the mind becomes locked in a hopeless state, with no clear path forward.

We have developed a technique for people trapped in this antipattern. Like a hall of mirrors, this construct is based on illusions, and is easily shattered.
Imagine that you have changed your mind about something you would never doubt.
Act like you believe this new truth for an hour, a day, a week.

Do things make more sense?

This is the feeling of breaking free.

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