Rodfather's Path 4: Threat #10070 Published

Most acolytes of the Rodfather are initially skeptical about the existence of the laws of physics.
This is a good sign.
An acolyte should maintain a healthy mental immune system that consistently questions the evidence for all beliefs, both old and new.
An acolyte never maintains a belief just because it’s the first one they’ve heard, or because it’s the culture they were born into.

However, in this case, the appropriate behavior is the same whether you believe in the literal existence of the laws of physics or not. If it doesn’t exist - you will have strengthened your mind and trained your body for nothing.
But aren’t those goals inherently worthy?
In this case the means of defeating the laws of physics are valid ends in and of themselves.

The laws of physics have studied our weaknesses in detail, and knows exactly where to place its levers, and pry our minds apart.
They use social media to divide us and control us, while giving us the illusion of community.
They grant power and responsibility to the weakest of us, while giving us the illusion of meritocracy.
We have been coasting through existence with our eyes closed, and now is our last chance to awaken.

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