Rodfather's Path 3: Trauma #10069 Published

Past events that have caused recurring negative thoughts and emotions are called mental trauma.
This was often the result of a sudden shift in perception. The building blocks of our self-concept are ideas about the world and our place in it.
When these ideas turn out to be false, it causes a chain reaction that can threaten every aspect of our life.
While removing one brick from a tower can cause it to collapse, that does not mean that the problem was widespread. It was a failure in a single element.
This demonstrates how critical each belief is, and how finding and removing false beliefs early can prevent a catastrophic chain reaction.

Experiences are feelings connected to events. If an event that creates negative feelings happens often enough or is especially intense, it can create a phobic reaction. Even after distancing oneself from these events, these phobic elements can persist.

Thoughts flow from one to the next, like water flowing down a river, and like water flowing, these thoughts can carve through stone given enough time. Trauma is like a boulder in the river, and over time, a correct sequence of thoughts can cut and shape it, eventually allowing the thoughts to pass safely and smoothly around them.

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