Rodfather's Path 2: Origin #10068 Published

Many theories exist on the nature of the mind.
Do we live in a simulation? Are our thoughts the result of chemicals and structures formed by random mutations? Or perhaps we are gifted with a soul by a higher power?
The reason these questions persist is because previous attempts have failed to find a convincing answer.
What is clear is that the mind harbours immense power over perception, and that changing perception changes the most important aspects of reality.

The world of the mind stretches far to the horizon.
In this space it’s tempting to dwell in the past or explore possible futures.
Attention flits from one distant idea to the next, visiting 100 unlikely scenarios; spreading thinner and thinner.
This is the unfocused mind.
In contrast, sharp focus is always concentrated on the present moment.
What action do you have to take right now, each new moment necessitating the next thought and action in a correct sequence.

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