Gospel of the Rodfather #10065 Published

What is the fundamental characteristic of balance?

A stone, perfectly balanced, doesn’t move.

It is this precarious lack of motion, but with so much potential, that’s so remarkable.

To balance the mind, one needs to bring ideas and feelings into alignment, where they are neither random nor stagnant, equally outward and inward. Neither entirely positive nor negative.

Within this narrow space of calmness lies the mind’s potential.

Failure to find balance results in a chain reaction of cascading thoughts and feelings, like a stone falling out of place, running into the next, with no end, and no control.

This is the Rodfather’s decree.
To remain steadfast in the face of any danger.
To be so perfectly balanced that nothing, not loss of limbs, loss of sanity, loss of life, could tip your scales.
To outlast all enemies, to withstand all aggression without retreat.
If the enemy cannot match your endurance, your battles will have been won without ever commencing.
To be so perfecet in equillibrium that even the universe itself would rather move around you! THIS is the path to true enlightenment!
Blessed be the Rodfather, so perfect in his immobility! The one true equalizer, the ultimate state of being! May nothing stand in His path!

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