Gorbinos Quest Report #1 #10063 Published

Steve Holmes - Unresponsive to Gorbino’s Quest

Botany - Completely blank when Gorbino’s Quest is mentioned to them.

Nigel Whittlesby - Poor but receptive to Gorbino’s Quest. Spare during organ harvest.

Joseph Nape - Drunk of little importance to anyone. Use for experimental death-grid technology.

Alyssa Schneider - Has CEO mindset. Kill.

Samuel Jerky - Willing to buy Gorbino’s Quest in the future. Seems like he has fallen prey to communal brainsweeping by Consumer Softproducts.

Cory Winters - Fell unconscious upon hearing about Gorbino’s Quest’s 500 hours of Mind-pumping Action. Likely to consume product.

D.O.N.G.L.E. - Willing to purchase Gorbino’s Quest. Relaw and send to HQ.

Jai-Tlaaku - Wants to buy Gorbino’s Quest. Kill anyway as Lizard Demographic Charts have already been reached.

Sankt Val - Insistent on hearing more information about Gorbino’s Quest. Eliminate for being too snoopy.

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