The Bartender, Volume four #10056 Published

The Bartender, Volume four

The Pursuit of Money
Expensive products will often catch your eye, for renovations, champagne, and many other wares. The most popular method of getting credits is bounties. It allows a healthy relationship between your bar and cargo as well as filling your 'wallet'. Having a supply of drinks ready in 'condiment bottles' in your backroom can help this process. Being able to pick up a bottle and bring it to the bounty terminal can save time. Letting you focus on socializing and serving.
The Wrong Customer
Whenever a customer walks into your bar, they can never be the wrong customer. Any crewmember has the potential to be a good customer the moment they enter your bar. There is however an exemption to this rule, the customer which enters through a portal. The robotic tourist - the patron that exists to give you money. The robotic tourist will make no small talk - merely make asinine statements and demand a drink. Chefs will often make the mistake of focusing their efforts on pleasing the tourists. This leaves crewmembers left hungry and forgotten. Remember, service is a person orientated role.
Excess Money
Assuming you had an opportune shift, you may find yourself with excess credits. When this happens, think of creative ways to spend it. Employee assistants to spice up the bar, renovate or pay someone else to, or make a contest with a prize. Trying to find reasons to bring people into the bar with your money is always a good thing. Using your hard-earned credits to improve others moods differentiated good bartenders from great bartenders.

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