The Hunter's Boon #10046 Published

You may have noticed that the maintenance tunnels have a lot of junk in them even though they’re supposedly cleaned in between shifts. This is because they aren’t, because NanoTrasen considers it too dangerous.

This, in turn, is because of the hunter, a being of mostly unknown nature that prowls the maintenance tunnels at a period of its own choosing…or when you challenge it. I will now detail how to obtain its boon.

This challenge is highly dangerous. Do not undertake it unless you accept any risk you may endure within it.


You cannot undertake the challenge by yourself. You may only attempt to acquire the boon with a group of at least two people, with no upper limit. You must have absolute trust in your teammates or you will quickly encounter problems.

You may bring any equipment you feel necessary to triumph, and in fact are encouraged to.

Begin by entering a maintenance area of your choice and, if possible, forming a roughly circular pattern with your teammates. Issue the challenge by verbally declaring that you, as allies, wish to face a worthy opponent.. This may take a few minutes, so be patient.

You will typically know that the hunter has accepted your challenge by hearing a loud crashing sound in the distance, though other methods of acknowledgement have been reported as well. As soon as this occurs, immediately run as a group. Make sure you do not leave anyone behind while doing this.

The Challenge

The challenge lasts 30 minutes after the hunter accepts your challenge. During this time, it is your goal to evade the hunter. You may do this however you must.

The hunter excels in separating group members and picking them off one by one. It is thus advised that you AVOID getting separated under any circumstances. In addition, it is advised that you AVOID harming teammates and AVOID begging the hunter for mercy.

If you hear or otherwise sense the hunter approaching, AVOID attempting to approach or look at it. Doing so has been known to cause paralysis or brain trauma.

Finally, AVOID leaving maintenance tunnels during the challenge if at all possible. The hunter is not physically confined to maintenance, and station staff will not appreciate you luring it into the halls.

The Reward

Once the 30 minutes have expired, leave maintenance immediately, but stay as a group. You will soon be approached by someone you do not know. They will ask one question: “Are you worthy?”

While framed as a yes or no question, answering it as such will result in your death. You must instead answer as such: “Am I? If you do such, you will receive a container (exactly one, regardless of group size), and they will then leave. You may then open the box to receive the hunter’s boon. This will take the form of either an item or a piece of paper with a secret.

Use or read these VERY wisely. Some things are better left untouched.

Good luck.

Henry Kherring

Moderation Station

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