Heliolater Sparkling #10044 Published

The Slight Gleam Of Brilliance

With what language do we speak to God? Do we speak using galactic common? Perhaps with Voltaic? No! Our mouths, our ears, our feet, they’re all but physical digits we use to manipulate the world around us. To manipulate God, to request, to pray, we use our Soul!

Even before we learn of God, we must first learn how to use our own Soul to interact with it. This is the first teaching of the Sparkling, to build a foundation in which you shall construct the mansion of credence.

Abandon your physical tools while you build the foundation, focus only on your desires, your wishes, your weaknesses, your spiritual future. What are you? What shall you become?

Never abandon these thoughts. Whether they are vile, or beautiful, they shall guide you regardless. Once you are stubborn, once your thoughts and beliefs have become as strong as iron, only then can you construct your foundation.

The Glow Of The Beyond

Forge your next beliefs under the glow of God. Though some religions refer to it as various things, some even say there is more than one God, but what we must all accept is the Glaring nature of God.

Only after you’ve accepted the shining nature of God can you truly be illuminated of the Sparkling. On your Soul’s foundation we must build a mighty mansion, all starting with the Glow

Start by practicing your own light. A glow, a dazzling beam, a small warm fire to illuminate a room, anything will work. Keep it near you at all times, for this is now the first room of your mansion. Whether it be a small light or a large one, it shall shine your way through the darkness.

The challenge of this stage is unseen. To give up your light, for it to falter, or for another to stomp it out, will forever tarnish your first room. Although a mansion has many rooms, as this is your first, you must keep it clean. That is your goal.

Effort is rewarded with faith, and faith is rewarded with effort. Once your first room is built, and steady, build another. A new light to illuminate, a new room to spread your legs. Each light is a step further, another room for your mansion.

Rehearse what you know. Your foundation of credence, your dazzling rooms, and next… your prayers to The Old Celestial

The Sparkling Of The Heliolater

Little by little, room by room, your mansion has grown. Though it can never be too large in theory, be careful, for no matter how strong your foundation a single Soul can only handle so many blazing lights.

Illuminated by the glow your next step is to understand how to speak to God, referred to as The Old Celestial.

Gather your glow, shine as bright as truth, and then your soul can reach it. Pray to The Old Celestial using the great mansion you’ve built, and without fail, it shall respond.

Honor God’s radiance, but protect your own. You musn’t allow your lights to falter, or your mansion will crumble. The light shall protect you, shall guide you, shall call out to The Old Celestial and shall side with you. Only once your prayer is complete can you Speak with God.

The Old Celestial is the greatest light. To speak with it is the greatest kindle you can ask for.
Thus, following these teachings, you have spoken with God. Do not forget your foundation, do not forget the glow of your labor, and do not forget your speech.

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