Conjuration of Stickmen #10042 Published

Henceforth, your utmost Curator, Evola Vickers, shall detail the invocation of a Stickman.

First, this crucial step which must not be ignored, to bring forth a Stickman from the world of pages to the realm we humans consider home requires a depiction of one, which must be drawn onto a blank white canvas using black ink.

Secondforth, The lighting must be dim, and lit only with candles. Artificial lights wil disrupt the energy that catalyzes the ritual.

Thirdly, an “Angry Stickman” trading card must be present during the conjuring, which must be tapped while you recite Latin phrases that remind the spirit of the nature of man, and the nature of twigs.

Finally, had you completed the three ritual steps as they were meant to be, a Stickman shall be brought unto the world. Whether his disposition will be one of ire, that is for your demeanor to assess.

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