A Discussion of Mortality #10041 Published

A Discussion of Mortality - A Conversation between a Lawyer and Assistant

[00:50] The universal recorder says, “Recording started.”
[01:04] Billy Bobcat asks, “In this day and age, what does death mean to you?”
[01:30] Duke Tireman says, “Not much, it’s usually like a sleep that nanotrasen wakes me up from”
[01:43] Billy Bobcat says, “I see”
[01:51] Billy Bobcat asks, “So you have died before?”
[02:01] Duke Tireman says, “Yes”
[02:15] Billy Bobcat asks, “And how would you describe the experience? Just as a sleep?”
[02:27] Duke Tireman says, “The void”
[02:34] Duke Tireman says, “It’s just pitch dark”
[02:40] Duke Tireman says, “And you aren’t there”
[02:54] Billy Bobcat asks, “Did conciousness persist?”
[02:58] Billy Bobcat asks, “Or was all null?”
[03:08] Duke Tireman says, “It’s just null”
[03:13] Billy Bobcat says, “I See”
[03:16] Duke Tireman says, “But i have the weird sensation”
[03:25] Duke Tireman says, “That when i wake up that i saw everything”
[03:36] Billy Bobcat asks, “Saw everything?”
[03:46] Billy Bobcat asks, “Everything being what exactly?”
[04:02] Duke Tireman says, “Anyone and anything”
[04:10] Billy Bobcat asks, “Before, during, or after your time dead?”
[04:17] Duke Tireman says, “During”
[04:21] Billy Bobcat says, “I see”
[04:29] Billy Bobcat asks, “You experienced this only after being resurrected, though?”
[04:51] Duke Tireman says, “Yeah, but i can’t recall a thing but it’s there in the back of my mind”
[04:58] Billy Bobcat says, “I see”
[05:07] Billy Bobcat asks, “If conciousness did not persist during this time, do you think being did?”
[05:13] Billy Bobcat asks, “Do you think there was sensation?”
[05:15] Billy Bobcat asks, “Even that of nothing?”
[05:31] Duke Tireman says, “I’m not sure”
[05:41] Billy Bobcat says, “Hmm”
[05:44] Billy Bobcat says, “Another way of putting it”
[05:50] Billy Bobcat says, “Did you sense anything during this time”
[05:58] Duke Tireman says, “No”
[06:01] Billy Bobcat says, “I see”
[06:15] Billy Bobcat says, “An interesting topic”
[06:19] Billy Bobcat says, “My next question then”
[06:24] Billy Bobcat says, “What did this experience mean to you”
[06:27] Billy Bobcat says, “How do you feel about it”
[06:41] Duke Tireman says, “Hmm”
[06:55] Duke Tireman says, “Apathetic i think”
[07:05] Billy Bobcat asks, “Why is that?”
[07:29] Duke Tireman says, “I’m not sure to be honest”
[07:38] Billy Bobcat says, “I see”
[07:41] Duke Tireman says, “But it doesn’t weigh hevily on me”
[08:01] Billy Bobcat says, “An unfortunate consequence of the cheapening of death, I would imagine”
[08:14] Billy Bobcat says, “Our species was doomed the moment we triumped over death”
[08:14] Duke Tireman says, “Yeah”
[08:22] Billy Bobcat says, “Cloning was our greatest mistake”
[08:33] Duke Tireman says, “Worker’s safety? pfft, just bring them back to life”
[08:42] Billy Bobcat says, “Aye but deeper than that”
[08:58] Billy Bobcat says, “For eons we reflected on mortality”
[09:01] The universal recorder exclaims, “59 seconds left!”
[09:05] Billy Bobcat says, “The greatest question was always taht of existence”
[09:19] Billy Bobcat says, “But when we eliminated death, there was no need to wonder”
[09:25] Duke Tireman says, “Yeah”

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