Atmos terrorist's handbook #10040 Published

Atmos terrorist’s handbook, by Vapes-too-Much

Atmospherics is a Complex, yet dangerous creature. If you mess anything up at all, you could unwillingly cause a plasma flood, or a Nitrous flood. But if you know what you’re doing, you can create Healium, Bombs and even singlecaps.

Welded Tank bombs - 673.16k plasma then fit as much plasma in it as possible without making it leak

Singlecaps - Think of a Maxcap TTV bomb, what is it like? stable? yes, a high-explosive? you betcha! Now what is a singlecap like? You may be thinking “well, it’s a single-tank bomb that’s like a maxcap” and to that i say “Yes” although there’s one catch, the thing’s unstable and has a set time before it goes off in your hand with the force of a maxcap, taking you out and everything around you out.

to make a singlecap, add 1013kpa plasma, the plasma fulfills the energy requirement for the 1750kpa trit, add more trit than the 1400kpa oxygen, at this point, there is more tritium than oxygen, trit only goes fast when there’s equal oxygen or more oxygen than trit in the tank. however, if there’s more tritium than oxygen in the tank the trit slowly burns away and slowly heats up the tank as well. The reason why more trit is added than oxygen so that there’s time to run away. As soon as the oxygen is added, the Trit will slowly burn away until the trit is equal with the oxygen, then whatever’s near it can kiss it’s bottom goodbye. There is a rumor that deep-frying a singlecap can stop it’s ticking until you splash acid on it, if you can test if this is true, you can definitely wreak great havok with this.

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