Khara J. Cravens Autobiography #10039 Published

Khara J. Cravens was born in a rural town on a Midworld to Melissa Cravens and Thomas Cravens. She lived there with her parents, her cat Proc, and her bigger brother Richter Vernon Cravens. At the age of 22, Khara moved away from her home to seek higher education. After looking through subjects she could major in, she chose “Telecrystal Research”, thinking, “Heh, this sounds stupid.”. Through this, she learned about its use in fabrication and teleportation, then the syndicate using telecrystals for fabrication and teleportation, then the Syndicate hating Nanotrasen. “Nanotrasen, huh? Space stuff? Sounds pretty neat.” I thought foolishly, leading me down this path and bringing me here to Nanotrasen’s Ranks. also somewhere between those events i grew a penis because i felt like it, kek

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