Book of Mungus Part 3 #10038 Published

Church 1:12 Continued
I went upstairs to the roof to check out what was going on. “This is the police! Get down from the roof now or we will shoot!”
This guy is so sus, let me tell ya.

Church 1:13
Obviously, I was not going to listen to an imposter so I was Naruto running around the roof. Bullets from the helicopter were raining down from above but none of them hit me since I was Naruto running so fast.

Church 1:14
“Dammit, I can’t hit him!” I knew I had him beat then.
So, I pulled out my gun (I always keep a glock in my foreskin so I can pull the Among Us death animation when I lose my virginity because I know it makes girls horny.)

Church 1:15
I shot at the helicopter and it started spinning out of control and crashed into the front of the church, causing a huge explosion.

Church 1:16
The roof started sliding off from the building, which landed on the cop cars and killed 8 cops. This also flung me into the street and I broke my foot, which was very sus.

Church 1:17
I limped all the way to the woods where I am now hiding and writing this. I will update as soon as I can but I need to get out of here soon because I can hear people looking for me.

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