The Gamblers Curse #10033 Published

The man laid his cards down. “Well that was fun,” He said “But i should get going.” The Dealer tried to stop him “You havent paid up yet.”, the man had simply ignored it “Paid what? I dont remember making any bets.”
The Dealer, enraged at the man going back on his word, just stepped away. “If you want to be like that, i cant stop you, just dont come whining to me when you find out the consequences.” The man ignored her warnings, setting foot outside of the dormatory lobby.
The man realized, his ID card, and his belongings, were missing, believing it was nothing, he continued on, a medibot was near “Wait Aa-“ It had hardly finished the first word, before it was blown, right infront of the man. “What is happening!? Why is this going on???” The man asked, desperate for a response.
In the meanwhile, The dealer, knowing of the curse, sat back and laughed. You do not disregard the gamblers curse.

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