The Bartender, Volume three #10032 Published

The Bartender, Volume three

Cultural Divides

Working on an NT space station, you will find yourself serving people from different sectors - not only humans but also those of ‘Alien’ species. All customers should be treated with respect and dignity. Prejudice and speciesism should be left outside when at the bar. Keep in mind that there are drinks that certain species like more than others. Lizard customers will always appreciate something made with Kortara. New drinks are being discovered every day from different cultures. Keep this in mind and be ready to learn just what is important to others. Remember, just because it’s an important drink to their culture, doesn’t mean it should be forced on them.

Forming Bonds

Patrons who enter on their own will often try starting conversations. Go along with them, and learn more about them. Being able to form a relationship with a customer isn’t just beneficial for business. Having customers you’re close to is good for both you and them, it allows you to make honest connections on the job and the customer will feel more at home in your bar. Never be afraid of turning a customer into a friend.

Friendly Rivalries

Nanotrasen only employs one bartender per station, so you’ll be applying for a very competitive job each shift. They are still your equals, you’re free to offer them a place in your bar when they are assistants and they can do the same. Being able to learn things from your equals is important, but remember to keep your style your own. Your uniqueness should be one of the reasons people wish to see your bar, stay true to yourself while tending.

Remember to be open toward new tenders! Make sure they tread the right path and give them tips to improve. Everyone starts somewhere, so be the kind of person you wish you had near you when you started.

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