How to Get Anything #10030 Published

How to Get Anything on a Space Station

Option 1: Ask politely
This option is fairly powerful on lower risk items, such as tools or even an AI core board. This option is relatively useless on higher risk items, such as weapons and other items that are highly valued on the black market.

Option 2: Buy it
This option can get you pretty far, you can buy quite a lot of more medium risk items such as weapons and station blueprints with enough money. Be sure to start at a medium price of around 2,000 credits for weapons or 4,000 for items like the station blueprints. Buying too many things may get you pegged as a member of an opposing company which is quite dangerous to an enterprising collector like yourself. (High value items go for around 8,000 credits on most black markets. You should only consider paying more if you have been commisioned to do so by a black market dealer.)

Option 3: Steal it
This option is likely the quickest one depending on the items, it also poses the highest risk as stealing a weapon or a high value item might well get you killed if the station’s security find out. On the plus side, you might be the only one who knows about its theft if you are stealthy enough.

Option [REDACTED]:
If you [REDACTED] to a [REDACTED] and provide enough [REDACTED] to the [REDACTED] powers. you might be blessed with the item. [REDACTED] are fickle beings, you might well be [REDACTED] from existence.

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