The Bartender, Volume two #10029 Published

The Bartender, Volume two

The Canvas.

Customers will often come into the bar confused as to what they want, and it’s your job to something create for them. Knowing just what base spirits they enjoy the most will allow you to provide a far better job for the customer. A patron could be turned off by the botanical taste of gin and much more prefer the true neutrality of vodka instead. Remember, the spirits used in a drink are the base of which you build off of when you create your drink.

The Teetotaler

Often crewmembers will come to the bar that wish to enjoy themselves but still be alert enough to continue their work. In these situations, it is best not to urge them towards stronger drinks. While Nanotrasens supply of 0 abv beverages is incredibly low, weaker drinks are abundant. A sugar rush or a jack rose will please most patrons that wish to enjoy the bar atmosphere without getting overly drunk. If they wish for a creamy drink instead of something sweet or fruity, the peppermint patty and grasshopper are the most gentle ones that we have to offer. Remember, purposefully getting a customer drunk without their awareness is a strong violation of trust between the bartender and their patron.

Cutting Off

The most common ‘guest’ in a bar is the most unwanted - those who care only for themselves. In this case, a person who wishes to drink to their very limit. They will always order either the manly dorf or the syndicate bomb. While going past their limit can be fun for them, it will be a hindrance to the atmosphere of the bar. Their vomiting, loudness and repeated drink orders will make other patrons uncomfortable. A bar is a place that exists to be at ease and enjoy oneself, and it is our job to make their experience as joyful as possible. When a customer violates our duty, one should firmly tell them that they are no longer welcome in the bar. Though this may be difficult, it is good for the establishment as well as for the other patrons.

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