King of the Jungle Station #10023 Published

King of the Jungle Station by Vapes-too-much

So, you want to return to monke and become the alpha male of the station, eh? you’ve come to the right place. The path to becoming the alpha monke of the station is paved with violence and you must train yourself for violence if you want to robust your way to the top, should anyone mess with you, robust them then take them to medbay so that they learn their lesson.

Gear needed - 30u monkey energy, 30u nuka cola, 30u tea vape, improvised skateboard, dropper, beaker full of mutadone, a few boxes including a box full of extra monkified inejctors and a universal recorder.

To disarm you’re opponent, simply shove them, if they’re holding a weapon in their selected hand, they will lose it and you will have a chance to take it, but be fast otherwise they will reach it first. If you see glass and you can’t go around it, crawl over it, if you want to use machines, use that dropper on the mutadone beaker, 1 unit then squirt it into your own eyes, you will become human again so you can use machines again, just be ready to return to monke again.

And remember, a robust enough monke can be a nukie’s worst nightmare.

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