The Bartender, Volume one #10021 Published

The Bartender, Volume one

First impressions.

The most important thing for forming an opinion on a bartender is the first impression. Whenever you see a new customer be sure to greet them appropriately. It can be difficult to figure out what the best way to greet a customer is; always being formal can be offputting if a customer is young and just wants to enjoy a light drink. The same thing can be said with being overly familiar with a high ranking officer. It is best to try and fit your greetings to the patron’s position to make them feel more comfortable.

Ensuring each bar patron is comfortable and enjoying themselves is the true purpose of being a bartender; being able to make elaborate drinks or perform as one serves should solely be an afterthought for the job. Anywhere can be a place to get drunk, but it takes a true bartender to be able to tend to his bar and be a Bartender

Serving your patrons.

It is impossible to know whether a fresh face is going to come into the bar and order the simplest Whiskey Cola or request something as elaborate as a Triumphal Arch. This is something that can not be predicted by position - all that one can do is just go along with the flow of customers requests. While you can try your best to prep for difficult orders by storing mise en place in the backroom, there will always be times where you can’t fulfil an elaborate order. It is best to humbly apologize to the customer in these situations and inform them you can’t do it. Try to think of a drink that is at least close to what they requested and suggest it to them, nobody wants to enter a bar and not receive anything.

Your art.

A constant in bartending is having customers not know what to order. Being able to improvise and find drinks to make customers smile is a vital skill in mixing drinks. Be sure to ask questions when they seem confused on what to order to find out what flavours they like, how strong they want it, or if they’re merely looking for a pretty drink. Narrowing down options will help you find something that will make the customer truly delighted with their drink. From there, it’s best to remember what it was that made them welcome. If they become a regular patron, being able to serve their drink regularly will make them happy to know that you cared enough to remember.

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