The Vaper's Naysh #10020 Published

The Vaper’s Naysh by Vapes-too-much

Let’s get down to business, you want to learn the secrets of the vape naysh? you opened the right book, let’s start with medicinal vapes.

Heal vape - Salicyc acid + libital + omnizine (non-multitool’d)

Ghetto heal vape - Omnizine + Milk + soy milk + cream (multitool’d)

Speedy vape - Ephedrine + nuka cola + tea

Monkey’s speedy vape - Ephedrine + nuka cola + tea + monkey energy

Offensive vapes:

Big-boi Vape - Mushroom hallucinogen (trimmed), anyone who steps into the smoke becomes a bigger target

Mindbreaker Vape - Mindbreaker toxin (trimmed/non-trimmed, offer it to another for a second before you hypno flash them)

Fire vape (full-firesuit required) - CLF3 + Phlog (run around and blaze up the entire place)

And now for the most powerful offensive vape of them all, the star of the book. THE JIHADI VAPE

The Jihadi vape (phlog pill and health analyzer required) - Gunpowder or 50u/50u RDX & Stabilizing agent split (wait until at least 500 or more units are in your bloodstream, then pop the phlog pill before rushing at your nearest escape shuttle, you will nuke that mother hubbard.

Now that you know the secrets of the Vape Naysh Y’all, go out there, buy your vapes and vape with pride!

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