Honking Nightmare #10016 Published

Honking Nightmare

155 - 18:34:04,
Signs of a carp migration have been recieved, this is because the long range sensors malfunctioned.

155 - 19:02:43,
I fixed one of the long range sensors which was picking up signals because of an malfunction.

The usual shift at this time. Nothing suspicious as reported by the command though else it would probably be classified information.

Suicidal cook killed himself by throwing himself in a gibber. It was announced certain people suspected he would kill himself but no one bothered to help him. Personally I didn’t know much about Pell the Cook but his fries were decent before he shifted to another district on the station.

I haven’t felt like making notes in a while so I stopped using time stamps.

Today nothing much was going on. Me and my friend Bozo talked as usual. There is nothing much more to note today though painting was fun. No recent deaths show that the station is doing really well. Yesterday one of the vendors got rigged though but they blew it off as a malfunction to not the raise tensions among the crew members.

Malfuntion: The malfunction had to do with two electrical ground wires being cut. This might have resulted in a shock if it didn’t blew out the power circuit.

164 - 00:00:12,
I am sleeping in my dorms as I hear the sounds of a lightsaber turn in the distance.

164 - 06:45:00,
After waking up it was announced an Assistant got murdered. He was assisting enginiering and was about to become an intern engineer. No one knows why he was targeted. His name was Geld and was about to go into retirement.

164 - 08:08:16,
Time goes fast but the last hour slowed down a lot. We were at the murder scene looking for evidence after security inspected the crime scene themselves. There was a new crewmember staring at us from the corner which kept looking at us. He was a clown and probably is already the number one suspect in this case. I will inform security of his pressence just in case.

164 - 10:02:02,
Thing are turning south, as the clown got arrested and found guilty after evidence had been found he was the murderer. A bananium ship breached the hull of the engineering district after flying at full speed into our station. Cruise missiles left the bananium ship damaged as there are probably clown operatives boarding our station.

164 - 10:13:56,
It looks like our security is loosing to their advanced bananium weaponry. They are using chad clowns roll security and right now even the crew is starting to get in trouble.

164 - 10:23:27,
My arm got blown off my vendors that are exploding throughout the station. Our captain was officially annouced dead by the clowns.

I managed to hide for the past day. I finally got it. The rest of the crew and my friend Bozo are dead. He got caught by a clown mech and his skull was punched in right before my eyes. Station level delta reached. I will try to upload my dairy to the centcom database. Please scavenge this station be as it will be byond repair.

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