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Citation #4314

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Form no. 75626-269 Carbon Copy - For Offender Nanotrasen Security Citation Notice of Fine Due for Criminal Offense
Violator Jeremy Hankins
Fine 1000 cr. Amount Paid 0 cr.
Officer Brick Mortar
Offense Violating the toolbox tourney rules
Time and Location during 193876
### Security Office Use Only ### Tick Box if Citation Fine Has Been Paid In Full

  • Receipt of this citation will serve as a notice that you have been charged with the offense(s) listed above
  • You should retain this copy of your citation for your personal records
  • Your citation fine can be paid at a warrant console, located outside the station brig
  • If you wish to contest your citation, please contact your station legal representation team
  • Failure to pay your fine may result in further sanctions against your person, and/or your employment contract