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Citation #108

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Form no. 75626-269 Carbon Copy - For Offender Nanotrasen Security Citation Notice of Fine Due for Criminal Offense
Violator Tau Ceti HE
Fine 50 cr. Amount Paid 50 cr.
Officer Billiam Sponk
Offense Amogus
Time and Location during 162529
### Security Office Use Only ### Tick Box if Citation Fine Has Been Paid In Full

  • Receipt of this citation will serve as a notice that you have been charged with the offense(s) listed above
  • You should retain this copy of your citation for your personal records
  • Your citation fine can be paid at a warrant console, located outside the station brig
  • If you wish to contest your citation, please contact your station legal representation team
  • Failure to pay your fine may result in further sanctions against your person, and/or your employment contract